"When we first entered the space that is now Ostra, we all knew we needed a dramatic refresh. We have 3 owners with completely different styles and ideas about how we envisioned the restaurant looking and feeling. Amanda and Jaclyn were able to meld the best parts of each of our vision into something cohesive and collective. The final touch, which we now realize the importance, was the styling of everything we bought and approved.Those final touches really smoothed our the space and it ended up being exactly the space we wanted to create."

-Mike Brady, Ostra

“Jaclyn and Amanda brought more than our vision to life, they took what seemed like a dream and made it even better than we could have ever imagined. Thoughtful and patient with their design but firm and assertive with contractors and deadlines, they handled the entire process with ease. During the design process, they seamlessly incorporated both mine and Lynsey’s style so that the space feels fresh, modern and unique as well as truly reflective of our individual personalities. I look forward to coming into the space every morning and that’s on account of the incredible work of this duo. I can’t recommend them enough.”

-Danielle Davis, Lemonade PR