Journey+ Jacobs Design Studio
115 N Wenzel Street | Louisville, KY 40206
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As co-owners and head designers of Journey and Jacobs Design Studio, Jaclyn Journey and Amanda Jacobs see the fine art of interior design as a visual expression of one’s feelings and emotions. Beginning with the human study interview process, they will draw upon your history and interests, your needs and desires, to transform the spaces you inhabit. Their ultimate goal: from the moment you open the door, you should sense your home perfectly reflects that which is essentially you.

With over ten years of experience in the field of interior design, wedding and floral design, Jaclyn and Amanda flourish in the collaborative process. Their ethos of personal attention and care to the client has become synonymous with success.

Journey and Jacobs Design Studio uses unique concepts, eclectic and unexpected pieces, colors of the earth, antiques and modern objects. They draw upon finds from travel, tradition and culture. With their extensive skills and resources, and with your input at every step, they will create a space that feels collected over time and inherently livable. The resulting design will evoke luxury, and comfort, wedded to form and function. When you open the door, your house should whisper “You are home”, in a setting where you experience joy and well-being.